The Legend of Booger Jim

The Legend of Booger Jim

Booger Jim was a crazy man who walked the streets of Cherokee Falls never really speaking to anyone. Although severely anti-social, he had a family consisting of his wife and infant child. A family he would often beat. One night, in a fit of rage, Booger Jim furiously started beating his wife. She decided she had enough and fought back, but to no avail. His rage had got the best of him and he beat her to death. The child, seeing his mother murdered before him, started screaming. Booger Jim, in an attempt to silence his child, started beating the infant. An attempt that proved all too successful as the child share the same fate as its’ mother and was fatally beaten. Not being able to cope with his family being gone because of his temper getting the best of him, Booger Jim fell into a depression that he couldn’t recover from. He walked to the bridge in Cherokee Falls and with a set of cables, hung himself. The Elders of Cherokee Falls say that if you go to the infamous “Booger Jim Bridge” at midnight, turn your car off and everyone there repeats the words “BOOGER JIM” three times….he will make himself KNOWN! Many have reported sounds of footsteps and moans coming from beneath the bridge. Also red, glowing eyes peering out of the woods surrounding the bridge. This horrifying local folklore is what inspired us to bring you…Booger Jim’s Hollow!

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